my AC recursive solution 18ms(Java)

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    public class Solution {
        int len = 0;
        public boolean repeatedSubstringPattern(String s) {
            len = s.length();
            if(len<2)return false;
            //a correct substring index must be start from 0 
            //so we define the starting index of substring as 0 and ending index as max
            //we recursively check it by increasing max
            return checkHelper(s,0);
        boolean checkHelper(String s,int max){
            //if substring's ending index is greated thatn half of the given string return false
            if(max>=len)return false;
            //length of the substring must be divisor of the length of the given string 
              return checkHelper(s,max+1);   
            int index=0;
            for(int k=max+1;k<s.length();k++){
                //if does not mactch increa max by one
                if(s.charAt(k)!= s.charAt(index)){
                    return checkHelper(s,max+1);
            if(index>max)return true;
            return false;

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