My easy-understanded python solution in 160 ms

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    For example,If the roman is "DCXXI",D has no last_number,so we plus the D=500.C is small than its last_number "D",so we plus C=100.go on and on,we get 621.
    When the roman is "CDXXI",the D is bigger than its last_number C,we need to minus the C.But we have plus the C before,so we should minus the C twice.
    If you are Chinese,there is a Chinese website show the difference between roman and integer.

        last_num = 0
        result_num = 0
        for i in s:
            if roman_dict[i] <= last_num:
                result_num = result_num + roman_dict[i]
                result_num = result_num -2*last_num + roman_dict[i]
            last_num = roman_dict[i]
        return result_num

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