Why my BFS idea solution got TLE?

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    My solution got TLE error with "nape" , "mild" case, but I got answer 6 locally. can anybody help me figure out what is wrong with my code? Detail

    public int ladderLength(String start, String end, Set<String> dict) {
     	Deque<String> curr = new ArrayDeque<String>();
    	int times = 1;
        while(!curr.isEmpty() && !curr.contains(end)){
       // here use two queues one record current level and one record next level, 
       // each time updating curr with next,  times add 1
    		Deque<String> next = new ArrayDeque<String>();
    		for(String currs: curr){
    			for(String s: dict){
    				if ( distance(currs, s) == 1) {
                                // remove elements in curr from dict to save time 
    			for(String s : next){
    				if (dict.contains(s)){
    		curr = next;
    	if (curr.isEmpty()) return 0;
    	else return times;
    //calculate distance between two strings
    private int distance(String a, String b){                    
        int result = 0;
        for(int i = 0; i < a.length(); i ++){
            result += (a.charAt(i) == b.charAt(i))? 0:1;
        return result;

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    After reformating dict to dictt with HashMap, it is accepted, Does it because the dict.contains(s) and dict.remove(s) need O(n) time, while HashMap need O(logn) time?

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