Golang concise solution using backtracking recursion

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    Unless misunderstanding the meaning of "leaf" (have no children), this problem is straight-forward.

    func hasPathSum(root *TreeNode, sum int) bool {
    	res := false
    	doHasPathSum(root, 0, sum, &res)
    	return res
    func doHasPathSum(parent *TreeNode, currentSum int, targetSum int, result *bool) {
    	if parent == nil {
    	currentSum += parent.Val
    	if *result || (currentSum == targetSum && parent.Left == nil && parent.Right == nil) {
    		*result = true
    	doHasPathSum(parent.Left, currentSum, targetSum, result)
    	doHasPathSum(parent.Right, currentSum, targetSum, result)

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