python BFS solution

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    Here used some tricks learned from @StefanPochmann

    class Solution(object):
        def updateMatrix(self, matrix):
            q, m, n = [], len(matrix), len(matrix[0])
            for i in xrange(m):
                for j in xrange(n):
                    if matrix[i][j] != 0:
                        matrix[i][j] = 0x7fffffff
                        q.append((i, j))
            for i, j in q:
                for r, c in ((i, 1+j), (i, j-1), (i+1, j), (i-1, j)):
                    z = matrix[i][j] + 1
                    if 0 <= r < m and 0 <= c < n and matrix[r][c] > z:
                        matrix[r][c] = z
                        q.append((r, c))
            return matrix

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    I've never seen r not in (-1, m), I think 0 <= r < m is much better.

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    @StefanPochmann Yeah, I was doing something like this, but forgot to rewrite the code. Thanks for the reminder.

    if r in (-1, m) or c in (-1, n):

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