Why and where my 15 lines code cost 35ms?

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to improve my code's performance, the code below cost about 35ms for 1562 test case.
    NOTE: Each time I submit the same code it presents different cost time =_=!, sometimes up to 59ms, and 35ms is the shortest time.
    Please point out why and where my code cost so much time.

     * Definition for singly-linked list.
     * struct ListNode {
     *     int val;
     *     struct ListNode *next;
     * };
    struct ListNode* addTwoNumbers(struct ListNode* l1, struct ListNode* l2) 
        if (l1 == NULL) return l2;
        if (l2 == NULL) return l1;
        struct ListNode* result = l1;
        int sum = l1->val + l2->val; 
        l1->val = sum % 10;
        struct ListNode* l2next = l2->next;
        if (sum / 10) 
            l2->val = 1;
            l2->next = NULL;
            l1->next = addTwoNumbers(l1->next, l2);
        l1->next = addTwoNumbers(l1->next, l2next);
        return result;

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    The code I paste above save the results into l1(just to avoid calling the malloc), and where there's a carry flag(sum /10 != 0), i use the l2(which is useless) to store the carry value, also just for saving time by not calling the malloc.

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