Java using List to sort values and Map to calculate sum

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    The idea is simple, traverse the tree once and save all the values into a List, let Collections.sort() do the sorting, then we only need to care about the value that is behind itself in the List - the value is always greater when its index is higher.
    Traverse the list from behind in reverse order and save the value->sum into the map.
    In the last step, assignVal() do the job of assigning new values into the tree.

    public class Solution {
        public TreeNode convertBST(TreeNode root) {
        	if (root == null || (root.left == null && root.right == null)) return root;
            List<Integer> ls = new ArrayList<Integer>();
            traverse(root, ls);
            Map<Integer, Integer> map = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();
            Iterator<Integer> it = ls.iterator();
            while (it.hasNext()) System.out.println(;
            int size = ls.size();
            for (int i = size - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
            	int val = ls.get(i);
            	if (i == size - 1) map.put(val, val);
            	else {
            		int preVal = ls.get(i + 1), preSum = map.get(preVal);
            		if (val < preVal) map.put(val, preSum + val);
            		else map.put(val, preSum);
            assignVal(root, map);
            return root;
        private void traverse(TreeNode root, List<Integer> ls) {
        	if (root != null) {
        		if (root.left != null) traverse(root.left, ls);
        		if (root.right != null) traverse(root.right, ls);
        private void assignVal(TreeNode root, Map<Integer, Integer> map) {
        	if (root != null) {
        		root.val = map.get(root.val);
        		if (root.left != null) assignVal(root.left, map);
        		if (root.right != null) assignVal(root.right, map);

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    @BryanBo.Cao said in Java using List to sort values and Map to calculate sum:


    Since this is BSF, the list could be constructed to a sorted one if the right, root, left order is followed in "traverse". This solution is universal for unsorted trees though.

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    @weirongwang Yes you are right. We could improve this by removing the Collections.sort() and make the best use of the right children of each node.

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