python solution without dummy head

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        def removeElements(self, head, val):
            Remove all elements from a linked list of integers that have value val.
            Use the head to eliminite first n hits, and use pointer to eliminite the rest
            e.g 1->1->1->2->3->1, 1
            Head will be moved to 2, pointer will start from 3
            time complexity: O(n)
            space complexity: O(1)
            :type head: ListNode
            :type val: int
            :rtype: ListNode
            # move the head to its next node if its value is equal to the input value
            while head is not None and head.val == val:
                head =
            # handle null value after moving
            if head is None:
                return None
            # create a pointer reference to the head node, and loop to check its next node's value
            # if it is equal to the input val, skip that node
            cur = head
                if == val:
                    cur =
            return head

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    The algorithm is interesting. Please kindly explain why it's of O(n) time complexity?

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    @zincopper I updated how it works in the doc string

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    @eliza said in python solution without dummy head:

    while head is not None and head.val == val:
    head =

    e.g 1->1->1->2->3->1, 1
    why this loop won't eliminate the last 1?

    Thank you very much for your explanation!

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