Why my code can not pass?

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    public class Solution {
        public boolean wordBreak(String s, Set<String> dict) {
    			return true;
    		else {
    			for(int i = 0; i < s.length(); i++){
    				String sstr = s.substring(0, i);
    					return wordBreak(s.substring(i), dict);
    		return false;

    I wrote a simple recursive function, and it falls in the test case, but I can not identify where is the problem. Could someone help me?

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    I used the same idea initially and got "Time Limit Exceeded" for one of the cases with a lot of repeated sequences which are all present in the dictionary and just the last character missing. That was causing endless recursive calls, and while it may have eventually finished I realised it was the wrong approach and switched to an iterative version.

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