My O(n) optimized Java solution in 2ms, better than 99.65%

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    I based this algorithm on Manacher's algorithm. It is simply based on the fact that every time you move the window, one number is removed and one number is added. So I keep track of the index of the current max number, and if the index of that max is within the bounds of the new window, I only check to see if the newly added number on the right is greater than the current max. Otherwise, a simple for loop to find the new max in the new window.

    public int[] maxSlidingWindow(int[] nums, int k) {

        if(nums.length == 0) return nums;
        int rindex = k-1;
        int lindex = 0;
        int cmax = nums[0];
        int cmaxindex = 0;
        int[] ans = new int[nums.length - k + 1];
        int u = 0;
        while(rindex < nums.length){
            if(cmaxindex >= lindex && cmaxindex != 0){
                if(nums[rindex] > nums[cmaxindex]){
                    cmaxindex = rindex;
                    cmax = nums[cmaxindex];
            {   cmax= nums[rindex];
                for(int i = lindex; i <= rindex; i++){
                    if(nums[i] > cmax){
                        cmax = nums[i];
                        cmaxindex = i;
            ans[u] = cmax;
        return ans;

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    This isn't a O(n) solution. You search in the window K times so it's Q(K*n) in worst case.
    Also this kinds of code can't be finished in 2ms

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