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    Call two words similar if they have the same first letter, last letter, and length. Only words that are similar are eligible to have the same abbreviation. This motivates us to group words by similarity (it is an equivalence relation.)

    For each group G of similar words, consider a word W. If it has a longest common prefix P with any other word X in G, then our abbreviation must contain a prefix of more than |P| characters. Sort G. It must be the case that the longest common prefix of W with any other word X in G must occur with words adjacent to W, so we only need to check those.

    def wordsAbbreviation(self, A):
        def longest_common_prefix(a, b):
            i = 0
            while i < len(a) and i < len(b) and a[i] == b[i]:
                i += 1
            return i
        ans = [None for _ in A]
        groups = collections.defaultdict(list)
        for index, word in enumerate(A):
            groups[len(word), word[0], word[-1]].append((word, index))
        for (size, first, last), enum_words in groups.iteritems():
            lcp = [0] * len(enum_words)
            for i, (word, _) in enumerate(enum_words):
                if i:
                    word2, _ = enum_words[i-1]
                    p = longest_common_prefix(word, word2)
                    lcp[i] = max(lcp[i], p)
                    lcp[i-1] = max(lcp[i-1], p)
            for (word, index), p in zip(enum_words, lcp):
                delta = size - 2 - p
                if delta <= max(1, len(str(delta)) - 1):
                    ans[index] = word
                    ans[index] = word[:p+1] + str(delta) + last
        return ans

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    @awice Shorten the last if statement to if delta <= 1:

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