clean and simple Java solution

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    main idea is simple:make two binary search for target-0.5 and target+0.5。make sure to check if target is exist
    public int[] searchRange(int[] nums, int target) {
    int begin = binarySearch(nums,target-0.5);
    int end = binarySearch(nums, target+0.5)-1;
    if (begin<0||begin>nums.length-1||nums[begin]!=target){
    return new int[]{-1,-1};

        return new int[]{begin,end};
    private int binarySearch(int[] nums, double target) {
        int begin =0;
        int end=nums.length-1;
        while (begin<=end){
            int mid=(begin+end)/2;
            if (nums[mid]>target){
            }else {
        return begin;


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