Maybe sha256 in python hashlib?

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    I calculated the sha256 digest of longUrl and converted it into 62-ary number (a-z,A-Z,0-9), cut the last 6 digit and append it to the end of ""

    But for some reason python in leetcode has no access to hashlib so I used built-in hash() and the solution has been accepted also

    class Codec:
        def __init__(self):
            self.chartable = {i : str(i) for i in range(10)}  #0-9
            for i in range(10, 36):                           #A-Z
                self.chartable[i] = chr(55 + i)
            for i in range(36, 62):                           #a-z
                self.chartable[i] = chr(61 + i)
            self.urltable= {}
        def encode(self, longUrl):
            """Encodes a URL to a shortened URL.
            :type longUrl: str
            :rtype: str
            #shadec = int(hashlib.sha256(longUrl.encode()).hexdigest(), 16)
            shadec = hash(longUrl)
            idx = []
            while len(idx) < 6:                                #last 6 digit
                shadec, digit = divmod(shadec, 62)
            urlkey = "".join(idx[::-1])
            self.urltable[urlkey] = longUrl
            return "" + urlkey
        def decode(self, shortUrl):
            """Decodes a shortened URL to its original URL.
            :type shortUrl: str
            :rtype: str
            urlkey = shortUrl.split('/')[-1]
            return self.urltable[urlkey]

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    @ufjfeng said in Maybe sha256 in python hashlib?:

    python in leetcode has no access to hashlib

    I just tested it and it worked. You probably forgot to import hashlib.

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