Python recursive solution

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    There are 2 different situation to consider.

    1. If there is no duplicate characters in the ring, we only need to find the closest character that equal to key[0], since there is no duplicates, we can choose either direction to look for the character, if the step to reach this character is x by one direction, to reach here through the other direction is len(ring) - x.

    2. If there are duplicates, we need to try the first match from both direction and choose the minimum steps.

    from collections import Counter
    class Solution(object):
        def findRotateSteps(self, ring, key):
            if not ring or not key: return 0
            self.duplicates = {i for i, v in Counter(ring).items() if v > 1}
            self.cache = {}
            return self.helper(ring, key)
        def helper(self, ring, key):
            if not key: return 0
            if (ring, key) in self.cache:
                return self.cache[(ring, key)]
            c = key[0]
            if c in self.duplicates:
                cw, ccw = ring.rfind(c), ring.find(c)
                res = 1 + min(len(ring) - cw + self.helper(ring[cw:] + ring[:cw], key[1:]), ccw + self.helper(ring[ccw:] + ring[:ccw], key[1:]))
                pos = ring.find(c)
                res = 1 + min(pos, len(ring) - pos) + self.helper(ring[pos:] + ring[:pos], key[1:])
            self.cache[(ring, key)] = res
            return res

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    @zhongyuan9817 Great solution, but you got your clockwise and counter clockwise mixed up

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