Intuitive Javascript Solution

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    Javascript Implementation of @yao9208 's Java solution

    var minCost = function(costs) {
        if (!costs.length) return 0;
        let n = costs.length;
        // going through the houses and record the minimum total cost for each color
        for (let i = 1; i < n; i++) {
            costs[i][0] += Math.min(costs[i-1][1], costs[i-1][2]);
            costs[i][1] += Math.min(costs[i-1][0], costs[i-1][2]);
            costs[i][2] += Math.min(costs[i-1][0], costs[i-1][1]);
        return Math.min(costs[n-1][0], costs[n-1][1], costs[n-1][2]);

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