Geo Router

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    Uber has list of pods and list of cities.
    Fit all the cities within least possible number of pods.
    Each pod should only contain adjoining cities.

    Each pod for Uber have attributes
    -Max Number of trips per weeks

    Each City

    • tripsperweek
    • latitude, longitude

    Example 1:-
    List of Pods with thresholds
    P1 {100}
    P3 {50}
    P4 {40}

    List of cities {trip per week, lat, long)
    C1 {20,0,0}
    C2 {25,9,10}
    C3 {40,4,5}
    C4 {50, 15,16}
    C5 {60, 15,17}

    P1 serve cities C5
    P2 -- C1,C2
    P3 --- C4
    P4 --- C3

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    This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

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    Why are C1 and C2 served by the same pod? How do we know that two cities are adjacent. What does mean trip per week?

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    Same question as @elmirap, what is the definition of adjoining cities? Going by distance, C3 is closer to C1 than C2.

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