my solution using no-recursive in-order binary tree iteration

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    class Solution {
        int getMinimumDifference(TreeNode* root) {
            if (! root) return 0;
            int res = INT_MAX;
            stack<TreeNode *> st;
            int last = -1;
            TreeNode *p = root;
            while (p || !st.empty()) {
                while (p) {st.push(p); p=p->left;}
                if (!st.empty()) {
                    p =;
                    if (last != -1) res = min(res, p->val-last);
                    p = p->right;
            return res;

    It's very straightforward. when we in-order iterate a BST, we get the ascending array and the minimum difference must be between two subsequent elements. Use "last" to record the previous element and calculate the difference.

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