Swift, need to convert String->NSString->String

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    The idea is from @Xianming.Chen, https://discuss.leetcode.com/topic/79495/my-one-line-c-solution in C++, and thank you so much for your great solution!
    I try to write it in Swift, and it is a little annoying because that in Swift, the

    • String (which is struct) does not have API .substring(from:), which returns String, and
    • NSString (which is class) does not have API .contains(string), will also returns String.
      I think it should be a better way to do this in Swift.
    class Solution {
        func repeatedSubstringPattern(_ s: String) -> Bool {
        // s+s must contains pattern if s contains either;
            let ns = NSString(string: s+s)
            let nssb = NSString(string: ns.substring(from: 1)) // NSString
            let str = nssb.substring(to: s.characters.count * 2 - 2) // String
            return str.contains(s) // String

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    You are so welcome! We just learn from each other, and sharing keeps us moving ahead!

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