What's the meaning of this "Wrong Answer Error"?

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    hi, I got an error in 1st test case with my Java code, the error is:
    Input: "a"
    Output: "a"
    Expected: "a"
    does anybody can help to explain it?
    My Java code is below:

    private int min(int a, int b){
        return a<b ? a : b;
    public String maxPalindrome(String S){
        if(S == null || S.length()==0)    return new String();
        int n = S.length();
        char[] pMix = new char[2*n+1];
        pMix[0] = '#';
        for(int i=0, k=1;i<n || k<2*n+1; k++){
            if(pMix[k-1]=='#')    pMix[k] = S.charAt(i++);
            else                  pMix[k] = '#';
        int[] p = new int[2*n+1];
        p[0] = 1;
        int id=0, mx=id+p[id];
        for(int i=1;i<2*n+1;i++){
            if(mx > i)      p[i] = min(p[2*id-i], mx-i);
            else            p[i] = 1;
            while(i-p[i]>=0 && i+p[i]<2*n+1 && pMix[i-p[i]]==pMix[i+p[i]])
            if(p[i] > p[id]){
                id = i;
                mx = i+p[i];
        char[] res = new char[2*p[id]];
        int k=0;
        for(int i=id-p[id]+1;i<id+p[id];i++){
            if(pMix[i]=='#')    continue;
            res[k++] = pMix[i];
        return new String(res);        

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    Check the length() of your output. It might include some invisible charater

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