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    Intersection of Two Linked Lists


    • Find the length m and n of the two lists. Then find the difference d = m-n.
    • Now move the longer list head by d.
    • Now move both m and n by 1 at each iteration and return when they meet.
    class Solution:
        # @param two ListNodes
        # @return the intersected ListNode
        def move(self, root, num):
            for i in range(num):
                root =
            return root
        def count(self,root):
            cnt = 0
            while root:
                root =
                cnt = cnt+1
            return cnt
        def getIntersectionNode(self, headA, headB):
            n = self.count(headA)
            m = self.count(headB)
            d = abs(n-m)
            if m>n:
                headB = self.move(headB, d)
                headA = self.move(headA, d)
            while True:
                if headA == headB:
                    return headA
                    headA =
                    headB =

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