C++ solution which produces most compact encoded string

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    Serialize by preorder traverse. Deserialize by building the BST from elements one by one.

    class Codec {
        void helperS(string &ans, TreeNode *root) {
            if (!root)
            ans += (ans.empty() ? "" : ",") + to_string(root->val);
            helperS(ans, root->left);
            helperS(ans, root->right);
        // Encodes a tree to a single string.
        string serialize(TreeNode* root) {
            string ans;
            helperS(ans, root);
            return ans;
        void build(TreeNode *&node, int num) {
            if (!node)
                node = new TreeNode(num);
                build(num < node->val ? node->left : node->right, num);
        // Decodes your encoded data to tree.
        TreeNode* deserialize(string data) {
            stringstream ss(data);
            vector<int> nums;
            string s;
            while (!ss.eof()) {
                getline(ss, s, ',');
                if (!s.empty())
            TreeNode *root = NULL;
            for (int num : nums)
                build(root, num);
            return root;

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