Why not just in order traverse?

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    As we know, in order traverse on a BST will generate sorted list.

    public int kthSmallest(TreeNode root, int k) {
            int count = countNodes(root.left);
            if (k <= count) {
                return kthSmallest(root.left, k);
            } else if (k > count + 1) {
                return kthSmallest(root.right, k-1-count); // 1 is counted as current node
            return root.val;
        public int countNodes(TreeNode n) {
            if (n == null) return 0;
            return 1 + countNodes(n.left) + countNodes(n.right);

    As for optimization, we can just keep a the result list. If next time the tree does not change, we just use the list stored, otherwise if there is a change by the next time we call kthSmallest, we update the list in the kthSmallest and store the new list. I think this is called lazy update.

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