I tested this test case on my local machine but it doesn't pass OJ

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    public class Solution {
        public UndirectedGraphNode cloneGraph(UndirectedGraphNode node) {
            if (node == null) return node;
            HashMap<Integer, UndirectedGraphNode> hm = new HashMap<Integer, UndirectedGraphNode>();
            HashSet<UndirectedGraphNode> copied = new HashSet<UndirectedGraphNode>();
            HashSet<UndirectedGraphNode> visited = new HashSet<UndirectedGraphNode>();
            LinkedList<UndirectedGraphNode> queue = new LinkedList<UndirectedGraphNode>();
            while (!queue.isEmpty()) {
                UndirectedGraphNode orig = queue.remove();
                List<UndirectedGraphNode> neighbors = orig.neighbors;
                UndirectedGraphNode copy = new UndirectedGraphNode(orig.label);
                if (hm.containsKey(orig.label)) copy = hm.get(orig.label);
                else hm.put(orig.label, copy);
                for (UndirectedGraphNode nb : neighbors) {
                    UndirectedGraphNode copyNB = new UndirectedGraphNode(nb.label);
                    if (!hm.containsKey(nb.label)) hm.put(nb.label, copyNB);
                    else copyNB = hm.get(nb.label);
                    if (!copied.contains(nb)) {
                        if (copy == copyNB) copy.neighbors.add(copy);
                        else {
                    if (!visited.contains(nb)) {
            return hm.get(node.label);

    Based on BFS and visited to avoid re enque original nodes, HashMap and copied to keep track of what's been copied. Code maybe not elegant but I hope my logic is right.
    However, this case is not passing

    Input: {-1,1#1}
    Output: {-1,1,1#1}
    Expected: {-1,1#1}

    Seems but when I ran on the local machine everything was fine. Can someone please help?

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    Are you printing the result in the serialized format ? Can you try putting a debug point in your code and verify the result in the debugger.

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