Accepted Python backtracking solution

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    class Solution:
        # @param board, a list of lists of 1 length string
        # @param word, a string
        # @return a boolean
        def exist(self, board, word):
        #backtracking, recursion, dfs
            def search(board, word, row, col):
                if word == "":
                    return True
                original = board[row][col]
                board[row][col] = "."
                for i in [row-1, row+1]:
                    if i < len(board) and i > -1:
                        if board[i][col] != "." and board[i][col] == word[0]:
                            if search(board, word[1:], i, col):
                                return True
                for j in [col-1, col+1]:
                    if j < len(board[0]) and j > -1:
                        if board[row][j] != "." and board[row][j] == word[0]:
                            if search(board, word[1:], row, j):
                                return True
                board[row][col] = original
                return False
            for row in range(len(board)):
                for col in range(len(board[0])):
                    if board[row][col] == word[0]:
                        if search(board, word[1:], row, col):
                            return True
            return False

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    The original board's content will be changed when there is True returned...

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