Java binary search solution

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    Idea: Search the left heater and right heater for each house. Then we can get the distance a house to its nearest heater. The maximum distance is the radius.

    Time Complexity: O(nlogn + mlogn),
    where m = houses.length, n = heaters.length.

        public int findRadius(int[] houses, int[] heaters) {
            Arrays.sort(heaters); // nlogn
            final int N = heaters.length;
            int maxRadius = 0;
            for(int house : houses){ // m * logn
                int index = Arrays.binarySearch(heaters, house);
                if(index<0) index = -index-1;
                int dist_r = index<N ? heaters[index] - house : Integer.MAX_VALUE; // right heater
                int dist_l = index>0 ? house - heaters[index-1] : Integer.MAX_VALUE; // left heater
                maxRadius = Math.max(maxRadius, Math.min(dist_l, dist_r)); // max, min
            return maxRadius;

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    @MadDetective Good Solution. I have a suggestion to make it more readable. Replacecurrent maxRadius with minRadius as variable name.

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