Why this code has a bag that is "double free or corruption"

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    The following version of code is error. But if I can use new TreeNode(nums[mid]) instead of using middleNode(nums, left, right); , this error was solved. I don't know the difference between new and malloc. Please give me the reason why.

    class Solution {
    	TreeNode* middleNode(vector<int>& nums, int left, int right){
    		TreeNode* mid = (TreeNode*)malloc(sizeof(TreeNode));
    		mid->val = nums[(left + right)/2];
    		return mid;
    	TreeNode* recursive(vector<int>& nums, int left, int right){
    		if(left > right) return NULL;
    		int mid = (left + right)/2;
    		// TreeNode* node = new TreeNode(nums[mid]);
    		TreeNode* node = middleNode(nums, left, right);
    		if(left == right) return node;
    		node->left = recursive(nums, left, mid -1);
    		node->right = recursive(nums, mid + 1, right);
    		return node;
        TreeNode* sortedArrayToBST(vector<int>& nums) {
            if(nums.size() == 0) return NULL;
        	TreeNode* root = recursive(nums, 0, nums.size()-1);
        	return root;

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