1048ms clean solution

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        d.`Name` AS `Department`, e.`Name` AS `Employee`, e.`Salary` AS `Salary`
      FROM `Employee` e
      LEFT JOIN `Department` d ON(d.`Id` = e.`DepartmentId`)
      INNER JOIN (
        SELECT `DepartmentId`, MAX(`Salary`) AS `Salary`
          FROM `Employee`
            GROUP BY `DepartmentId`
      ) AS e2 USING(`DepartmentId`, `Salary`)
        WHERE d.`Id`;

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    Why need a inner join?
    I am new to SQL.

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    An Easy but Slow Solution :

    Select B.Name,A.Name,A.Salary from Employee A
    Inner Join Department B on A.DepartmentId=B.id
    where A.Salary = ( Select MAX(C.Salary) from Employee C Where A.DepartmentId =C.DepartmentId );

    It took me around 1366 ms to get Accepted .
    Hope it helps.

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