I don't think the main idea for this problem is DP

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    I've seen many people's posts. They use the vector<int>(26,0) to store the max length of substring in Wraparound String that ended by a fixed char. And the result is simply sum of the vector.

    This method mainly apply the property that: the length of the longest valid substring ended by some char is the total number of unique substring in Wraparound String that ended by that char.

    For example, if vec[0] = 4, which means the longest substring in Wraparound String, tailed by 'a', is 'xyza'. Then, any valid substring tailed by 'a' can only be chosen from these 4 candidates:
    'xyza', 'yza', 'za', and 'a' , since we need unique.

    But the tags and someone's titles really confused me, and I spend several hours working on normal dp solutions, which of course got TLE.

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