Can somebody find error in my code

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    The code is pretty straight forward, o(n^2) algorithm as others. But it gives me WA for input:

    Thanks in advance.

    def fourSumCount(self, A, B, C, D):

           def twoSum(A,B, mul=1):
            results = {}
            for a in A:
                for b in B:
                    results[mul*(a+b)] = results.get(mul*(a+b),0) + 1
            return results
        ABsum = twoSum(A,B,1)
        CDsum = twoSum(C,D,-1)
        count = 0
        for ab in ABsum.keys():
            if -1*ab in CDsum.keys():
                count +=  (ABsum[ab] * CDsum[-1*ab])
        return count

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