python solution using DFS w/ path

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    def dfs(g, start, goal):
        stack = [[start,set([tuple(start)]),0,'']]
        m,n = len(g), len(g[0])
        length = float('inf')
        rev = {'u':'d','d':'u','l':'r','r':'l','':''}
        while stack:
            node, path, steps, directions = stack.pop()
            #print node, path, steps, directions
            if node == tuple(goal):
                if steps<length:
                    length = steps
                    s = directions
                elif steps==length:
                    s = min(s, directions)
            # stop if current path has already exceeded length
            if steps >= length: continue
            x, y = node
            for i,j,d in [(-1,0,'u'),(1,0,'d'),(0,1,'r'),(0,-1,'l')]:
                # don't explore the same direction or reverse
                if d == directions[-1:] or d == rev[directions[-1:]]:continue
                u,v = x,y
                while 0<=u+i<m and 0<=v+j<n and g[u+i][v+j]==0:
                    u,v = u+i, v+j
                    step +=1
                    # break if we reached hole
                    if (u,v) == tuple(goal):
                if (u,v) not in path and steps+step<=length:
                    stack.append([(u,v), path | set([(u,v)]), steps+step, directions+d])
        return s if s!='z' else 'impossible'
    class Solution(object):
        def findShortestWay(self, maze, ball, hole):
            :type maze: List[List[int]]
            :type ball: List[int]
            :type hole: List[int]
            :rtype: str
            return dfs(maze, ball, hole)

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    except I don't understand why example 2 should return 'impossible'

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    @frankz306 i misunderstood the problem. the ball won't stop until hit the wall.

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