Binary Search Tree? Totally misleading!

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    It takes so me much time to figure out what does "mode" mean. Why not provide a explanation? It's really hard for me to find a connect between BST and "mode".

    A more wired aspect is the testcase. My first submission get a wrong answer testcase [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0], which is definitely not a BST.

    Really bad experience. It would be better to provide Q&A during contest.

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    Hi @anorange0409,

    Sorry for the trouble, it should be a "binary tree", the wrong problem description has been fixed.

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    Totally agree! It's better to have a Q&A during contest. I keep searching for "binary tree mode", "binary search tree mode", and without any luck to know what "mode" means... (After the contest I realized I was so stupid not to know what "mode" is, though...)

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    Hi @Usain,

    Thanks for suggesting, we are discussing about this issue.

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    @love_FDU_llp Thank you very much!

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