Python with pruned backtracking, easily understand

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    The index from the candidates is used as the stack to avoid duplicates.

    def combinationSum2(self, candidates, target):
        :type candidates: List[int]
        :type target: int
        :rtype: List[List[int]]
        result = []
        def dfs(remain, stack):
            if not remain:
                result.append([candidates[i] for i in stack])
            if not stack: c = 0
            else: c = stack[-1]+1
            for i in xrange(c, len(candidates)):
                item = candidates[i]
                if i > c and item == candidates[i-1]: continue
                if item > remain: break
                dfs(remain-item, stack + [i])
        dfs(target, [])
        return result

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