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    After simple search, I did not find similar codes. just to share.

    output: [3,2,1,4,6,5,7]
    1, at beginning: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]
    2, reverse 1,2,3 (index: 0,1,2) because of the first D block (D's index:0,1)
    3, reverse 5,6 (index: 4,5) because of the second D block (D's index:4)


    class Solution(object):
        def findPermutation(self, s):
            :type s: str
            :rtype: List[int]
            L = len(s)
            if L==0:
                return [1]
            ind, l, record = -1, 0, []
            for i, c in enumerate(s):
                if c=='I':
                    if ind!=-1 and l>0:
                        record.append( [ind, l] )
                    ind, l = -1, 0
                    if l==0:
                        ind, l = i, 1
                        l += 1
            if ind!=-1 and l>0:
                record.append( [ind, l] )
            #print record
            ans = range(1,L+2)
            def helper(lst, start, end):
                while start<end:
                    lst[start], lst[end] = lst[end], lst[start]
                    start += 1
                    end -= 1
            for i, l in record:
                helper(ans, i, i+l)
            return ans

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