Question: What's the difference between #297 and #449

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    297. Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree (Difficulty: Hard)
    449. Serialize and Deserialize BST (Difficulty: Medium)

    These two questions both are about serialisation of a binary tree. I see most solutions are similar (using preorder+resusion or BFS).
    For BST, its difficulty is medium, easier than a general binary tree. But I don't know why it is easier.

    Is there a better solution to serialize the BST rather than the same way to binary tree?
    Or the "easier" means serializing the BST is faster than the binary tree?

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    You could refer to this post:
    what's the difference between this and #297 ?

    Basically, this problem about BST is asking you to take advantage of BST's key sorting property compared to a generic binary tree. So the serialized result could be made more compact than in Problem 297.

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