Python 2-line regex solution

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    import re
    class Solution(object):
        def isNumber(self, s):
            pattern = re.compile('^[ \t]*[+-]?(((\d)+(\.)?(\d)*)|((\d)*(\.)?(\d)+))(e[+-]?\d+)?[ \t]*$')
            return True if pattern.match(s) else False

    pattern explanation:

    ^ -> string beginning
    [ \t]* -> matches any spaces and tabs in the beginning
    [+-]? -> matches any + or - sign in the beginning
    (((\d)+(\.)?(\d)*)|((\d)*(\.)?(\d)+)) -> matches numbers in the formats n.n, .n and n., where n is a number with only digits, and doesn't match just a '.'. That was the reason for the or, because an asterisk on both sides of the dot would allow for just a dot to be accepted. ((\d)+(\.)?(\d)*) matches at least one number before the dot, ((\d)*(\.)?(\d)+) matches at least one number after the dot.
    (e[+-]?\d+)? -> matches the e part, including + and - signs
    [ \t]* -> matches spaces and tabs in the end
    $ -> string end

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