Can anyone help me? I am getting runtime error when the input is too large and I don't know how to fix it

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    This is my code:

    class Solution {
        vector<int> twoSum(vector<int> &numbers, int target) {
            int index1, index2, j;
            j = 1;
            vector<int> solution(2);
            for (int i=0; i<=numbers.size(); i++) {
                if (numbers[i] + numbers[i+j] == target) {
                    index1 = i + 1;
                    index2 = j + 1;
                    return solution;
                else {

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    i think your code is only to test index likes <1,2>, <2,4>……
    so you should to use two circles to do this job. However if you use two circles,you will get time limited error.
    i think hash is the way to solve this problem,

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    Hi! Yes, I used two loops before but I got a time error, so I changed the code this way... I will try hashing! Thanks!

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    your code looks like can't solve input like {1,4,5,6} target: 7
    because i and j are next to each other

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    Thanks for your help!! I have to review this code.

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