Python solution with detailed explanation

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    Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation

    Postfix to Evaluation

    • (2+5)4 = 2,5,+,4,
    • Operand: Push on the stack
    • Operator: pop 2 from stack and apply operation.
    • Corner case = division. -2/3? Python integer division with negative numbers gives weird results. Safest to use will be int(x/float(y))
    class Solution(object):
        def process(self, token, op1, op2):
            eval_methods = {
                                "+": lambda x, y: x+y, 
                                "-": lambda x, y: x-y,
                                "*": lambda x, y: x*y,
                                "/": lambda x, y: int(x/float(y)),                            
            return eval_methods[token](op1, op2)
        def evalRPN(self, tokens):
            :type tokens: List[str]
            :rtype: int
            st = []
            for token in tokens:
                if token in set(["+", "-", "*", "/"]):
                    op2 = st.pop()
                    op1 = st.pop()
                    result = self.process(token, op1, op2)
            return st.pop()

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