Python solution by easily checking all combinations

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      import itertools
      def findSubsequences(self, nums):
        ret = []
        for i in range(2, len(nums) + 1):
          ret.extend(set(itertools.combinations(nums, i)))
        return [x for x in ret if self.isIncreasing(x)]
      def isIncreasing(self, l):
        for i in range(1, len(l)):
          if l[i - 1] > l[i]:
            return False
        return True

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    wonder what is the space usage by doing:

    for i in range(2, len(nums) + 1):
      ret += list(set(itertools.combinations(nums, i)))

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    Just a variation...

    def findSubsequences(self, nums):
        return [x
                for i in range(2, len(nums) + 1)
                for x in set(itertools.combinations(nums, i))
                if all(a <= b for a, b in zip(x, x[1:]))]

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    Thanks for your attention.
    I have changed a little my code.

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