Simple and clean Python solution with comments

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    class Solution(object):

    def get_length_LL(self, node):
        counter = 0
        while node != None:
            counter += 1
            node =
        return counter
    def getIntersectionNode(self, headA, headB):
        :type head1, head1: ListNode
        :rtype: ListNode
        length_A = self.get_length_LL(headA)
        length_B = self.get_length_LL(headB)
        if length_A == 0 or length_B == 0:
            return None
        diff = abs(length_A - length_B)
        pointer_A = headA
        pointer_B = headB
        # Find which one is longer 
        if length_A > length_B:
            # Advance pointer of A by the diff
            for x in range(diff):
                pointer_A =
            # Advance pointer of B by the diff
            for x in range(diff):
                pointer_B =
        # Now both of them have same number of iterations left
        while pointer_A !=None and pointer_B !=None:
            if pointer_A == pointer_B:
                return pointer_A
                # Update the two pointers
                pointer_A =
                pointer_B =
                # Check if one of them is empty before the other 
                if (pointer_A == None and pointer_B != None) or (pointer_B == None and pointer_A != None):
                    return None
        # If we end up here, it means that there was no intersection       
        return None

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