16-line 9ms recursive solution with pre-process, memorization and edge case test, no helper functions (detailed explanation)

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    Many fellow coders have posted similar recursive solutions. This is my version with several key observations for improvement:

    1. Letters in hand are actually order insensitive, i.e., two anagram hand strings with a same board always give the same answer. So we should sort hand to speed up memorization.
    2. If a letter c of board has total count < 3 in board + hand combined, obviously, we cannot empty the board.
    3. If a letter c in hand does not appear in board, such letter is useless and should be abandoned.
    4. If a letter c in hand is inserted to position i and j in board which result to a same board, apparently, only need to consider one case.

    The usage of hash map memorization speeds total test running time from 35ms to 9ms.

        int findMinStep(string b, string h) {
          // pre-process
          string a; int L, r = 0;
          for (char c:b) // shrink b to remove consecutive identical letters
            if (c-r) if ((L=a.size()) < 2 || c-a[L-1] || c-a[L-2]) a += c, r = 0;
                     else r = c, a.pop_back(), a.pop_back();
          sort(h.begin(), h.end()); // sort hand for memorization
          // memorization
          if (m.count(b=a) && m[b].count(h)) return m[b][h];
          // base cases
          if (b.empty()) return 0; else if (h.empty()) return -1;
          // edge cases
          for (char c:b) if (count(a.begin(),(a=b+h).end(),c) < 3) return m[b][h] = -1; 
          // recursion
          for (int i = 0, res = INT_MAX; i <= h.size(); ++i) { // each letter in hand
            if (i==h.size()) return m[b][h] = res<INT_MAX? res : -1;
            if (i && h[i]==h[i-1] || b.find(h[i])==string::npos) continue;
            for (int j = 0, step; j < b.size(); ++j) { // each insertion position
              if (b[j]-h[i] || (j && b[j]==b[j-1])) continue;
              string bb(b); bb.insert(bb.begin() + j, h[i]); // insert h[i] to board
              string hh(h); hh.erase(hh.begin() + hh.find(h[i])); // remove h[i] from hand
              if (step = findMinStep(bb, hh)+1) res = min(res, step);
        // m[b][h] = min steps for borad=b & hand=h
        unordered_map<string, unordered_map<string, int>> m;

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