Extracting the digit without changing the original number

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    At the beginning, I extracted digits from the integer by changing the value of input integer x, which would NOT work for the cases where there are zeros within the number, e.g. 100021.

    So I figured out that we could extract the digit without changing the original value with the formulas as digit = (x/div) % 10, the div is the value 10^(digit_position).

    Based on the above formulas, here is the algorithm.

    public boolean isPalindrome(int x) {
    	long rdiv = 1;
    	long ldiv = 10; // long instead of int, otherwise overflow!  the highest position in x.
    	// Assume negative number is NOT palindrome
    	if(x < 0)
    		return false;
    	else if(x < 10)
    		return true;
    	// Find the position of left division
    	while( (x/ldiv) > 9 ){
    		ldiv *= 10;
    	while(ldiv > rdiv){
    		// extract digits based on the divisions, 
    		//		without changing the value of x.
    		int l = (int)(x/ldiv)%10;
    		int r = (int)(x/rdiv)%10;
    		if(l != r)
    			return false;
    		// shift two digits
    		ldiv /= 10;
    		rdiv *= 10;
    	return true;

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