Simple Concurrent Recursion In Go (Utilizes Parallel Capabilities)

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    Here is my solution in Go. It uses a sort of Concurrent "Recursion". In a way, it inverts every node of the binary tree at the same time. Every node is treated with it's own Goroutine. This created a significant speed boost over simply pushing the nodes onto a stack using normal recursion and over doing it iteratively.

    import "sync"
    func invertTree(root *TreeNode) *TreeNode {
        var recInv func(r *TreeNode)
        var wg sync.WaitGroup
        recInv = func(r *TreeNode) {
            defer wg.Done()
    	if r != nil {
    	    go recInv(r.Left)
                go recInv(r.Right)
                temp := r.Left
                r.Left = r.Right
    	    r.Right = temp
       return root

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