Short iterative Java solution with comments

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    Hi guys!

    There's no secret how to make an iterative generation of all permutations, which is greatly described in other posts. Here I just tried to minimize the size of a Java code but keeping it readable and easy to understand.

    public List<List<Integer>> permute(int[] num) {
        LinkedList ans = new LinkedList<>(); // queue
        ans.offer(new LinkedList<Integer>()); // init with empty list
        // loop through sizes of lists used for inserting new element in asc order
        for (int n = 0; n < num.length; n++) { 
            // loop through all lists of a current size
            while (n == ans.peek().size()) {
                List<Integer> l = ans.poll(); // next "base" list of a curr size
                // loop through all position in a "base" list generating new list
                for (int i = 0; i <= l.size(); i++) {
                    LinkedList<Integer> newL = new LinkedList<>(l.subList(0,i));
        return ans;

    Happy coding!

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