[C++] A dummy AC solution

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    I didn't know this problem can be perfectly solved by bucket search. Following is my AC solution which greedily either solve this problem in O(nt) or O(nk)

    class Solution {
        bool containsNearbyAlmostDuplicate(vector<int>& nums, int k, int t) {
            if (k<t) return nkalgo(nums, k, t); 
            else return ntalgo(nums, k, t);
        bool nkalgo(vector<int>& nums, int k, int t) {
            // O(nk) method
            for (int offset=1;offset<=k;offset++) {
                for (int i=0;i<nums.size()-offset;i++) {
                    long long temp= abs(((long long)nums[i])-((long long)nums[i+offset]));
                    if (temp<=(long long)t) return true;
            return false;
        bool ntalgo(vector<int>& nums, int k, int t) {
            // O(nt) method
            unordered_map<int,vector<int>> idxs;
            for (int i=0;i<nums.size();i++) {
            for (auto it=idxs.begin();it!=idxs.end();it++) {
                int val=it->first; // value now
                for (int diff=-t;diff<=t;diff++) {
                    if ((diff>0&&val>=INT_MAX-diff)||(diff<0&&val<=INT_MIN-diff)) continue;
                    if (idxs.count(val+diff)>0) { // exist another matched number -> start comparing idxs
                        for (int i=0;i<it->second.size();i++) {
                            for (int j=0;j<idxs[val+diff].size();j++) {
                                int idxDiff=abs(it->second[i]-idxs[val+diff][j]);
                                if (idxDiff>0&&idxDiff<=k) return true;
            return false;

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