Why the result is wrong?

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    My code as follows:
    Test case is :{2,1,3}
    I tried in eclipse, it works very well ,however, here return false. I don't know why?

    public class Solution {
    public static boolean isbalanced = true;
    public boolean isBalanced(TreeNode root) {
            if(null == root)
            return true;
            return isbalanced;
    public int getdepth(TreeNode root, int dep){
        if(root ==null)
        return dep;
        int left = getdepth(root.left,1+dep);
        int right = getdepth(root.right,1+dep);
            isbalanced= false;
        return Math.max(left,right);

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    You should not use "static" in "public static boolean isbalanced = true;" .

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    Still confused about it. Could spare time to tell me why can't add static here? Thx!

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    The same question, should you please give us some details about it?

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