OJ C++ Compiler does NOT support regex or it is disabled for some reason (security)?

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    I submitted the code below to OJ and get all kinds of errors.

    1. ‘regex’ was not declared in this scope
    2. ‘regex’ is not a member of ‘std’, when I put std::regex

    I also tried #include <regex> and using namespace std; but nothing can resolve the error.

    It appears to me the C++ compiler of OJ does not implement regex at all?

        class Solution {
                bool isNumber(const char *s) {
                    string test(s);
                    regex e("your expression");
                    return regex_match(test,e);

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    std::regex is part of the C++11 STL, and it's not clear which compiler directives are used by this OJ, it could be they just didn't put the -std=c++11 part.

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    Thank you for your answer!

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