Test case [[0,2,3],[4,6,3],[2,4,3]] supposed to be [[0,2,3],[2,4,3],[4,6,3]]

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    Given the Notes below:

    The number of buildings in any input list is guaranteed to be in the range [0, 10000].
    The input list is already sorted in ascending order by the left x position Li.
    The output list must be sorted by the x position.
    There must be no consecutive horizontal lines of equal height in the output skyline. For instance, [...[2 3], [4 5], [7 5], [11 5], [12 7]...] is not acceptable; the three lines of height 5 should be merged into one in the final output as such: [...[2 3], [4 5], [12 7], ...]

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    +1 someone needs to fix the testcase

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    Thanks for reporting, sorry I added this erroneous test case. This is now fixed.

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