My simple python code using recursion

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    def combine(self, n, k):
        res = []
        if k == 1:
            for i in xrange(1,n+1):
            return res
        res = self.combine(n, k-1)
        newres = []
        for list in res:
            for i in xrange(list[-1]+1, n+1):
        return newres

    This is my python code using recursion. It's quite simple.
    The key point is to understand how to get the outcome from the last result.
    For example, from k to k+1, that is to say every list in k th result should be added on element.
    The added element should be smaller than or equal to n . If n = 4, and we want to get the outcome when k = 3. Suppose the list [1,2] is one of the list in the result of k = 2, so this list can be added element 3 and element 4. However, for the list[1,4], we can not add any element for this list.

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