C++ simple solution, 4lines, 34ms, No extra space

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    use (root->val - p->val)*(root->val - q->val) to determine if q and q are at the same side or not. If <0, p,q are in the opposite side or one of them at the root, return the root. if >0, p,q are at the different side, move the pointer to its left or right depending on the p or q's value compared to root's value.

    class Solution {
        TreeNode* lowestCommonAncestor(TreeNode* root, TreeNode* p, TreeNode* q) {
            while((root->val - p->val)*(root->val - q->val)>0){
                if (p->val > root->val) root = root->right;
                else root = root->left;
            return root;

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