Why "++++-++++++" is a TRUE?

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    Can anyone please confirm why the expected result for the following test case is TRUE?

    My code failed because my alg is giving 'false', but I am a little confused why the OJ gives 'TRUE'. No matter what the first player does, the second player can find a way to eventually win the game. Am I missing some critical info here?

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    Obviously, 1P can win.
    flip two consecutive "++" into "--"

    ++++-++++++  input
    --++-++++++   1P moved
    -----++++++   2P moved
    -------++++   1P moved
    ---------++   2P moved
    -----------   1P moved
    No room for 2P, 1P win

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    If you are first player.

    2p moved:

    you lose...

    The actual reason is: ++++---++++.

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